For the last 20 years, enhancing the beauty of my clients has been my privilege as well as my profession.  I started my makeup career, as per my godmother’s guidance, in cosmetics and took the challenge of commercial work when I could. I love her guidance till this day. I work for myself, raise 3 beautiful girls, and on occasion go kayaking with my bulldog, Josie – Life is good.

What you don’t see is the behind the scenes production of those displayed photos.  That one of many photos probably took weeks just for a client to commit to a shoot date.  Then orchestrate all persons to be on location in time to prepare hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  The photographer is setting the lighting and props and then its show time.  The arena must be calm, professional, and efficient to maintain a relaxed and light tempo. Shoots can be long days and clients can easily get tired and lose their luster for the event.  This is where you see the value of hiring a seasoned professional like me.  The easy part is keeping it pretty, polished, and natural, as that is the constant request from my diversified clientele over the years.   The excitement is embracing all the personalities to keep the positive energy flowing. This is what makes for a beautiful outcome at the end of the day.